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Posted on 09.01.2005 at 12:00a

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Posted on 08.14.2005 at 10:15p

A Subtle Reminder is a collaboration between Miss Kelly Khaos james_doe and Shawn Whyte verybarrywhyte. For the majority of the pictures, Kelly took the picture, and Shawn, upon first glance of the picture, wrote on it what came to his mind.

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The room.

Posted on 06.16.2005 at 04:51p
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Posted on 06.16.2005 at 11:31a
Mood: irritated
Music: Armor For Sleep - Frost And Front Steps
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Quite annoying.    You see, my friend Brett has sort have been "harassing" me on myspace. Apparently he is claiming I have removed the mole from the side of my nose (near my left tear duct) with photoshop, yet when you look at the photos, it is right there. It isn't like a dark colored mole, it's just tan really. And you know when a light it on you when you take a picture when you are tan, and you look whiter? I even mention the moles in my about me, so editing them out of the pictures would be stupid. Apparently his brain can't calculate that. And what is worse ha, when he first started using myspace, he said this to me, "Clone stamp is great for removing acne." So hyprocite anyone? Plus over the last few months he has completely changed. And I'm not the only one that thinks that. Just last week my friend Nate made a comment about how him and the people he is constantly with now are all the same person. And it was only a year ago that his current best friend, as it seems, Danny, couldn't stand him at all. So I tip my hat to him for changing himself to make someone else like him. Good job. I just really don't get it. On spring break, him and I hung out a lot, and looked like we were becoming a lot better friends. And he goes and pulls shit like this, and even worse it's probably to gain approval from Danny, when Danny probably doesn't even give a shit. Actually, I don't think Danny really cares about anyone or anything. Or at least that is how he comes across 99% of the time. Brett just needs to get the sand out of his vagina. Bye.


Posted on 06.15.2005 at 08:55p

Posted on 06.15.2005 at 05:53p
Mood: hot
Music: Circa Survive - In Fear And Faith
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Hidden track my ass.    Searching around lyric sites, I look at the Armor For Sleep tracklisting at plyrics.com. For What To Do When You Are Dead, it lists Hidden Track and Very Invisible (itunes exclusive track). I'm sitting here thinking, there is no hidden track anywhere on that CD. I put it in, listen. Nothing. So I go to soulseek and download both songs. And they are definitly Armor For Sleep, and definitly fitting with the CD. It's just so odd. That is a really well hidden hidden track. Bravo fellas. Bravo.    Other than that, I am really bored... and very hot at the moment. I'd open the windows, but I never know when my parents will turn the central air on and I'd just have to close them again. It is possible that it is only nine days until I go see Julie. That or sixteen, possibly more... but I sure hope it is nine. This feels like the longest wait ever... and there are still 74 days until school starts again. But oh how good it will feel when it comes. Sigh... Bye. Can't you see the wall you've built for me?


Posted on 06.14.2005 at 02:10a
Michael Jackson has been declared: not guilty on all charges.

Posted on 06.13.2005 at 12:01a

Posted on 06.12.2005 at 06:06p
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New Animation.    I am so tired of seeing my original all over the internet, so I put more of me into this one, and my name on the original versions, just to be safe ha. There are four versions, which do you like best?


No fill, real paper

No fill, no paper

Fill, real paper

Fill, no paper

EDIT: I am thinking if I use the one with the real paper, that it will be harder for someone to take it and edit what the paper says. And I made the different sizes to show how they would look on myspace ha

Posted on 06.11.2005 at 12:07p
Mood: eeeeh
Music: The Beautiful Mistake - The Great Divorce
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Amish isn't for me.    Perhaps a few of you might have noticed my absence from the online world yesterday. Well I tell you, lightning struck my street at 6pm and shook power right out of my street. I didn't regain power until 8:40am this morning. I tell you, I can take not having TV. I can take not having the computer. What I can't take, is complete darkness making it impossible to do anything but sleep. And I also cannot take it being 80 degrees in my room making trying to sleep quite the chore. My only escape was Julie on the phone. If it wasn't for her, I surely would have parished. But she eventually had to leave me. I think I fell asleep around 3... and woke up around 8, very sweaty wake up. Since my wake, I have been working on my "Julie Project" which involved paint, my mothers old "Ladies' Home Journal" and "Good Housekeeping" magazines, scissors, double sided tape, construction paper, my pen, and maybe colored pencils, and sweat, cause it's still hot. No blood though. And so far no tears. Bye.


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